How it works

1. Sign up

Before accessing the platform, users must pass BNK's KYC verification

Sign up image 1.png

2. Verification

Successful applicants are notified of their verified status

Rectangle 4.png

3. Book a Trade

Verified users are then able to submit trades on the platform

Crypo trade.png

4. Confirmation & payment

Users are sent email confirmations containing payment information to initiate the trade

Rectangle 9.png

5. Price quote

After submitting a trade, users receive a price quote via email

Rectangle 8.png

6. Acceptance

From the email, users are able to respond to the quote

Group 4.png

7. Invoice

Upon acceptance of the price quote, an invoice is automatically generated and sent to the user’s email address

Group 7.png

8. Trade

Once the payment has been complete and price agreed to, the trade takes place

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